The Mission for Oregon

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unacknowledged Ghosts

...In the early [eighteen] sixties much of the ground was covered by a growth of sturdy young oaks shielding many graves of Indian children, members of the Mission school. Here also were interred some of the early settlers near Salem, the graves of 'a few marked by marble head stones, others in wooden enclosures and others unmarked and almost obliterated under the fall of decay and vegetation.' In later years all the old missionaries, who remained in Oregon, found sepulture [in the cemetery].... [1]

In this entry I had spoken with a man who claimed to have experienced the paranormal in the Lee Mission Cemetery. Could these unmarked graves be the source?

Perhaps the names are recorded somewhere of the young Native American students--ones who were quickly converted, civilized, and consumed by Western exposure.

1. Lee, Jason. "Memorial Services at Re-internment of Remains of Rev. Jason Lee." Salem: Salem Public Library, 1906; pg. 58.

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