The Mission for Oregon

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Setting out on a Mission

What makes a good story?

How about one with faith in God, politics, romance, adventure and misfortune, and a collision of two cultures? This story has all of those, but, how much more a posessing story because it is also true? Jason Lee's mission to the Native Americans who lived south of the Columbia River began full of hope. Midstream he discovered himself making an unpopular evolution into colonizer, and, his story ended in a tragic and obscure death on the other side of the continent. Just a decade from the day he set out, two wives, two children and the deaths of countless Natives later, he must have thought on his death bed that what he had begun had failed. Quite the contrary; for he founded the first American settlement in the Pacific Northwest: Salem. Your author's mission? To reconstruct the story of Reverend Jason Lee.

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